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2022 – Welcome Back!


  • 2021 May Events

Lunch Bunch met at the new location of Mas Fajitas in Round Rock. The food was delicious. It was so great to gather with friends and guests!

Breakfast Club is back! This is a fun, casual group that meets on the 4th Monday at the Corner Bakery. Everyone is welcome!

The Book Discussion Group met on Zoom again in May to discuss City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book is about a theater troupe in New York and spans several years through one woman's memories. Several members who have lived in or near New York shared their memories of going to see Broadway shows.

FINALLY! After a long hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, RRNN had a special celebration and picnic at Old Settlers Park Lakeview Pavilion. Members received goody bags at registration that included a visor, a lanyard and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Several members won free lunches for the September meeting, a special cake and our new canvas tote bags. We collected food for the RR Serving Center, books and puzzles for the VA Hospital in Temple, and magazines for the library. As he always does, Dan The Piano Man [All Request Piano] had the girls dancing to our favorite tunes. The music even attracted a little girl from the nearby playground. What a great day it was to get back together!

The Explore The Arts! Group ventured to West 6th Street in Austin for a private tour of the Historic Flower Hill Urban Homestead. Located on a site of 6 acres, this historic homestead sat idle and dilapidated for decades. The tour guide, Robin, explained how the site has been recently renovated and the plans for future restorations. Flower Hill offers regular tours and can book private tours for small groups. To learn more, go to: https://www.flowerhillfoundation.org/. After the tour, most of the group enjoyed lunch on the patio of Abel's On The Lake overlooking Lake Austin.

The Board Members were excited to finally get to meet in person this month! They enjoyed visiting and planning on Ellen's beautiful covered patio. Ellen also had cake to celebrate Karla's birthday. The group assembled goody bags to be distributed at the May Annual Celebration Picnic.

Pam's report: What a surprise it was to me that TWELVE could fit on my patio (breathing room only, but still). The party could be divided into three parts: (1) "Before" the rain (lunch), (2) "During" the rain Part 1 (dessert and "Happy Birthday to Ann!"), and (3) "During" the rain Part 2 (wading to our cars).. Unfortunately no one partook of my new fifth of Southern Comfort (inside joke), so I made Lindy stay late and try it with me (twist her arm).



2021 – Off To A Good Start!


  • 2021 May Events



2020 – The Year Of COVID-19


  • 2021 May Events