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2022 – Welcome Back!


  • 2021 January Events

The Book Discussion group talked about David Baldacci's Simple Genius novel on Zoom this month. We had some new members joining the group this time.

On Saturday, January 16th, Party of One toured the new Kalahari Resort in Round Rock. Everyone in the group was impressed with how beautiful the building and grounds are, and we were warmly greeted by everyone at the resort who helped us. We ate in the warm sunlight on the patio of Cinco Ninos and checked out shops, restaurants, the amazing amusement area called Tom Foolery, and even got permission to walk through the indoor water park (which is a sight to see!). Anyone who is interested can walk through the building, eat at the restaurants, and purchase rides, games, bowling, and other amusements in Tom Foolery at no charge. It's worth checking out. The people in the photo, starting on the left are Carla Krenek, Ann Miller, (the empty seat is for Teresa Dillard who was our photographer), Lois Dennett, Trini Bousquet, Pam McKee, Martha Thompson, Terry Dolan, and Joyce Munsch.

These Zoom Board Meetings are not as fun as meeting at someone's home. Everyone swears they were NOT wearing pajama pants though!



2021 – Off To A Good Start!


  • 2021 January Events



2020 – The Year Of COVID-19


  • 2021 January Events