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2022 – Welcome Back!


  • 2021 April Events

...we solved NONE of the world's problems nor was a virus or pandemic word uttered! Heard at Rentsch: Mayo Maine or Buttered Connecticut; turkey meatloaf ain't meatloaf; #1 Can; they play great music here; makes me want to dance!; gizzards or oysters or chestnuts oh my; Jessie's Girl; Junior League cookbooks from my travels around the country; resurrecting food-stained recipes; shades of gray; 2014 Avery Ranch cave Safari; sinkholes; reach out and touch that braided rug; stuffing celery sticks with cheese in a jar; ketchup or mustard?; The Boys of Summer; Epcot's Soarin' Around The World and Livin' With The Land; cardiologists; adrenal; every toy in the world, why not virtual; peanut butter and apples; call Apple; beware discussion forums; beer shouldn't be sweet!. and many more.... Apparently they had a discussion about cave features because Pam included some photos from the 2014 Avery Ranch Cave Tour Safari , also led by Pam Fuchs. What fun that was!

On April 10, some members of Party Of One took a nature walk at Twin Creeks Historical Park in Cedar Park to check out the wildflowers.

Once again the RRNN Board had their monthly meeting on Zoom. If all goes well, this will be the last meeting on Zoom for the Board!



2021 – Off To A Good Start!


  • 2021 April Events



2020 – The Year Of COVID-19


  • 2021 April Events