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2022 – Welcome Back!


  • Party Of One at Rentsch Brewery

...we solved NONE of the world's problems nor was a virus or pandemic word uttered! Heard at Rentsch: Mayo Maine or Buttered Connecticut; turkey meatloaf ain't meatloaf; #1 Can; they play great music here; makes me want to dance!; gizzards or oysters or chestnuts oh my; Jessie's Girl; Junior League cookbooks from my travels around the country; resurrecting food-stained recipes; shades of gray; 2014 Avery Ranch cave Safari; sinkholes; reach out and touch that braided rug; stuffing celery sticks with cheese in a jar; ketchup or mustard?; The Boys of Summer; Epcot's Soarin' Around The World and Livin' With The Land; cardiologists; adrenal; every toy in the world, why not virtual; peanut butter and apples; call Apple; beware discussion forums; beer shouldn't be sweet!. and many more.... Apparently they had a discussion about cave features because Pam included some photos from the 2014 Avery Ranch Cave Tour Safari , also led by Pam Fuchs. What fun that was!



2021 – Off To A Good Start!




2020 – The Year Of COVID-19