Fun & Games!

Fun & Games offers a variety of games, such as Dominoes, Scrabble, Mah Jongg, Canasta, Bridge and Bunco. We have games in mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Come play an old favorite or learn something new! Some Fun and Games groups are popular and may be full, but many groups have a substitute list and often need those subs. You can also start a new group for any game you enjoy!  We encourage you to sign up to try the groups that sound interesting to you. There is no commitment – so please give a group a try!

If a group you would like to join is full, or if you have and idea for a new group, please contact the Interest Group Coordinator to discuss starting a new group.

Members, please sign in and then select groups you would like to join by clicking the “Add” button for the Games group(s) you want. CHECKOUT at the bottom before you leave this page. You’ll then receive emails from each Game group leader about upcoming meetings. (Escapades groups will be a separate checkout.)