It’s time to clean out your closets (and those of your family members) as we collect new, and used shoes for Soles 4 Souls (
RRNN and Caring Hands are participating in a Women 4 Women shoe drive to collect as many shoes as we can to be distributed throughout the United States. Our very own Cindy Verheyden has graciously volunteered to drive the shoes to Dallas so no one has to foot the bill for the shipping costs.
All types and sizes of shoes. New. Used. Anything they cannot use, they recycle and use the money towards the shipping of shoes.
Here’s what you’ll need to do:
1. Collect shoes and put them in a plastic bag (no boxes and no paper bags) with as many as you can fit in each bag. Feel free to use more than one plastic bag. Don’t fill the bag so much that it cannot be tied closed.
2. In EACH bag (and you can have as many shoes as can fit in each bag – just make sure the left and the right are in the same bag) place a copy of the attached DONOR FORM which lets Soles 4 Souls know how many shoes have been contributed and from what organization.

3. IF you want a TAX RECEIPT for your donation of shoes, click on the link below to complete the request online. Soles 4 Souls will send you a tax donation letter. If you do not need/want a tax letter, skip this step.

4. Shoes MUST (and there is NO exception to this) be dropped off at the January 9th luncheon or given to a Board Member any time beforehand.  Cindy is leaving after the luncheon to drive to Dallas.

You can also make online cash donations at

Questions: Ellen Kiefer 512-838-6790