Friendship, Stars & Stripes

“Friendship” means a lot to us and involves many touches to make people smile and feel welcome.

When a person needs a hand to hold and a heart to understand, we try to fulfill this need. Scattering “good will” is accomplished by notifying members of a need so cards and phone calls of encouragement can be made.

On the lighter side, at our monthly luncheons in September thru May, members donate items for the door prize drawings.  We encourage members to bring that odd gift they received which they don’t like and will never use. Who doesn’t like to be surprised by having their name drawn and getting the chance to choose a surprise in a pretty decorated gift bag?

Our Stars & Stripes Mail List

Friendship also honors our military.  We support military personal by sending monthly greeting cards. Any club member can submit a name and address for the list just by contacting the Friendship Chairman…..and this active duty person can be a family member or an acquaintance of a family member.

Click on the FLAG to see the list.