Board and Committees

2017-2018 Board

*Elected Officers – Voting Members – Elected by General Membership
President –  Jan Percy
1st VP-Membership – Joyce Munsch
2nd VP-Programs**Marcy Delgado/Heather Leiterman
3rd VP-Luncheons – Karla Figuerido
Treasurer – Linda Parmentier
Secretary – Anna Galt
Parliamentarian – Karen Jarrell

*Past President – Voting Member – Bylaw Article V, Section 1, C
Past President – Maureen Cellura

*Auxiliary Chairs – Voting Members – Appointed by Board

Caring Hands – **Ellen Kiefer/Barbara Whitehead
Friendship – Gwen Sticklen
Interest Group Coordinator – Diana Glenn
Newsletter Editor – Maggie Prieto
Publicity – Julia Gibson
Website Manager – Cindy Verheyden

Quorum:  Four (5) Voting Members

*Voting members of the RRNN Board

**Position counts as one toward the quorum and has one vote.


Standing Committees – Non Voting – Appointed by Board
Magazine Sharing – Anna Galt
Coffee Time – Karla Figuerido
Member Communications – Karen Jarrell
Fundraising – Not Filled
Newsletter Mailing – Not Filled
Photography – Photos with Class

Ad Hoc Committees – Non Voting – Appointed by Board
Annual Party – Linda McClain, Judi Blais
Budget – Linda Parmentier, Heather Leiterman, Janet Schliesser, Linda McClain, Jan Percy

Nominating – TBA – January, 2018